I went on a trip down my life’s memory lane
to visit my old friends and see my home again
It did not take too long for it wasn’t far away
I could see their faces but could not make them stay
I saw fields we ran thru and made the birds take wing
laid resting on our backs while meadow winds did sing.

We were young and carefree life’s road lay far ahead
we were friends forever we knew not how to dread
All the endless summers were spent loving each other
playing, fighting, growing sister and her brother,
A noise did awake me from my glad reverie
and I saw what time had done to our camaraderie.

Life’s road has been so long, the hair has turned to grey
steps are taken slow now and loved ones passed away
Still there is no regret from dwindling sands of time
for I have these memories stored safe within my mind.