Coming to Florida

beach time

They are coming to Florida or haven’t you noticed  the people fleeing the major cities for the suburbs and beyond?  Not all cities have the same problems as New York, Seattle, Atlanta, etc. however there are those concerned enough about the current situation they may be looking elsewhere and they are coming to Florida.

If you  a friend or a relative are  considering coming to Florida in the panhandle please give me a call.  I live in a small town of Freeport which is about 15 miles above the white sandy beaches and when you leave your driveway anyway you go leads to town. Niceville is 24 miles west, Defuniak Springs is 16 miles north, Panama City is 30 miles southeast, Destin is 28 miles south and west, and finally Ft. Walton is 40 miles south and west.  Pensacola is about 80   miles south and west of here but you only go there when in dire need for something you cannot get locally.

Freeport (so called because the port in this small town was once free) is in Walton County the fastest growing county in Florida.  Freeport is experiencing phenomenal growth with whole new subdivisions starting almost daily it seems. We are located near Eglin Air force Base which contributes to a stable economy and those military personnel who retire like to remain in the area.  Plus every day cars are seen from Texas, MS, LA, NY, NJ, GA and  MS among others from faraway places like WA and  OR.  They are of course on vacation on the surface but many are looking for an escape from big  city life.

If you or someone you know is looking to escape from the crazy life to a place that is stable, secure and run by conservative government officials, Freeport may be the place to run to.  I would love to tell you more about this place and what it has to offer.  Just call me!


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