Holiday Season Begins in Freeport, FL

The Holiday Season officially began today  in Freeport by hanging Christmas decorations while Thanksgiving is still more than a week away.  Perhaps this should be called merchandiser’s season instead of the Holiday Season.  To be truthful the weather here has recently been more like December than November anyway.

I have been witnessing a large influx of people from other states and not just temporary northern snowbirds.  They are coming from Texas and as far away as Iowa as well looking for better weather during the holiday season in the panhandle has to offer and just maybe escaping their political system in their present state IMHO. Local builders cannot keep up with the demands and a house normally sells as soon as the foundation is laid.  The effect of Hurricane Michael on Panama City and further east has left a shortage of skilled craftsmen in our area.  Notwithstanding, Freeport and Walton County are the fastest growing city and  county in the State of Florida which is also among the fastest growing states in America.

If you are contemplating moving to this area or buying a vacation property, or maybe looking for a temporary rental during the holiday season please give me a call.  You will love it here.

Andy Roberts, Realtor

With NextHome Bayside Realty

66 Highway 20 E

Freeport, FL32439


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