Proposal for New School in Freeport

At a Town Hall Meeting  Thursday night, Superintendent Hughes presented an outline of the need  and a proposal for new school in Freeport.  A decision has to be made whether it will be a new high school, junior high or an elementary school and whether it should be built on property that has been donated to the school system by Jay Odom which is within Hammock Bay or elsewhere. The majority of attendees were from the Hammock Bay subdivision.  From the information presented the elementary school is at full capacity and there is still some room for growth in the high school and in the junior high school.  However, it further appeared from the comments that the junior high facilities are drastically out of date, the building having been built in 1940. It appeared the most likely course of action will be to build a junior high school in Hammock Bay perhaps with the idea in mind that more students could walk or ride their bikes to school thereby relieving the transit problems with busing of students and the lack of bus drivers.  This approach seems reasonable since a large percentage of these students live in Hammock Bay and more families with children continue to flood into the subdivision.